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Speech & Language Therapists work with children and adults providing assessment, advice and support for all forms of communication difficulty. This includes language delay and disorder, phonological delay, phonological disorder, articulatory disorders and social communication disorders.

Natasha is an dedicated Speech & Language Therapist registered with the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapists and the Health Care Professions Council.  She is a member of the Association of Speech & Language Therapists in Independent Practice.

She has over twenty years of experience working with children with complex communication needs.

Welcome to Yare Valley Speech & Language Therapy. We provide a high quality service to children of all ages in Norwich & South Norfolk.

It is through communication that we are able to build and maintain relationships with those around us, both supportive close relationships with friends and family, and the wider links to our outside world through which we express our personality and interests.  Communication both allows us to be our self, and allows us to be part of a community.

It is through our communication with others that we develop our own sense of self, and our sense of self worth.  

Specialist Speech & Language Therapist for Children with Complex Special Needs

Natasha has over twenty years of experience working as a Speech & Language Therapist is the NHS.  She has specialist experience in working with children with complex special needs, including physical and sensory impairment, and learning difficulties.

Continuous Learning

Over the 21 years which Natasha has worked as a SLT she has always found her work inspiring and exciting.  She has continuously strived to keep her knowledge fresh and up to date, to keep an open mind and to continue learning, and to innovate in her therapy approach.

Natasha’s learning and professional development has taken place partly through formal courses, such as postgraduate paediatric dysphagia (swallowing) training, becoming a Makaton Regional Tutor, PECS training, BSL level two qualification, TEACCH Training (Autism) to name a few.

The central stem of her professional development has taken place through learning directly from the children themselves, from hearing the stories, ideas and perspectives of their parents, from working jointly with teachers and learning from their experience, and from multidisciplinary team working with a wide range of professionals including Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Clinical Psychologists, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Social Workers, Paediatricians, Radiologists and Community Nurses.

Natasha Dunlop

Speech & Language Therapist, BSc (Hons), mRCSLT, mASLTIP, reg HCPC

Yare Valley Speech & Language Therapy Clinic

is on the High Street in Loddon.

We offer;

Individual Therapy & Assessment

Group Therapy

Home Visits

School Visits & School Therapy Service

Group Therapy

What is Speech & Language Therapy?

For more information on Speech & Language Thereapy follow this link to the Royal College of Speech & Language Therapy website;   www.rcslt.org

Where possible children can be seen as part of a small group, or be seen for paired working with another child.

The reason that Natasha works as a  Speech & Language Therapist is that she believes that promoting an individual’s communication skills to their maximum potential is essential for many reasons.  As well as allowing us to convey our basic wants and needs, communication is core to our sense of self and well being.